Golden Grill is situated on Cricklewood Broadway

The Golden Grill is situated on Cricklewood Broadway. This conveniently-located London eatery offers a dizzying array of exciting menu choices, such as kebabs, steak and lamb chops. Fish and chips, hamburgers and wraps are also on the menu. As you can see, this restaurant has something for everyone, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

In addition, you may enjoy a host of fun and great-tasting starters, desserts, beers, wines and cocktails. This licensed restaurant has everything that you will need in order to enjoy a dining experience that fulfills and exceeds your expectations.

Food will be prepared with painstaking attention to detail, so you’ll enjoy cuisine that you just can’t find anywhere else. The staff members at the Golden Grill pride themselves on delivering high quality, every single time, and they do their best to ensure that every customer will enjoy a superlative experience, whether he or she is eating in or taking away (or having food delivered). You can find more about Kebabs at Golden Grill lives up to the name.

Whether you need a meal for one or food for a small or large group, you’ll find that the Golden Grill is able to meet your needs perfectly.

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